16 Lloyd Productions Office Hours Testimonial

Jesse Piersol has been a champion of Walnut St. Labs since the beginning, but was only recently in serious need of accounting help. Her previous experience w/ Office Hours precipitated her undying desire to participate in many of our events, including her recent Startup Meetup blog entries and event coordination for Indie Film Nite.


“I started a small business at the beginning of summer, and now it’s tax time. It was a bit overwhelming to figure out what all I needed to do. I scheduled time with Kathy Wileczek through the Office Hours program, and she got me sorted out and empowered to do it on my own. As a bonus, she needs some public speaking help, so I have a chance to return the favor.”
— Jesse Piersol, Founder of 16 Lloyd Productions


Founded in 2013, 16 Lloyd Productions focuses on original narrative and documentary film projects with a meaningful connection to the community which inspires them. 16 Lloyd combines the unique, nimble talent and resources available in southeastern Pennsylvania with the power of our neighboring metropolitan centers. Keeping projects local gives them an authentic visual style, and supports the communities in which we live.

Jesse Piersol’s Office Hours Testimonial

We’ve asked WCU Professor and Founder of 16 Lloyd Productions, Jesse Piersol, to share her Office Hours experiences with us. It’s our hope that connecting with the right people will save your startup time, energy and other finite resources that propel your business, and ultimately the community forward.


“I started a small independent film production company last summer and needed some guidance on the business aspects of it. I scheduled some Office Hours time, which got me thinking about my business in a completely different way. It probably seems obvious, but I never realized the power of networking or the importance of building the community you want to eventually serve. My time at the Lab started me on that journey. I began attending all of the events. At each one, I would meet at least one person who had salient knowledge or connections, and most importantly, wanted to share that knowledge.”
— Jesse Piersol, Founder of 16 Lloyd Productions


“My involvement with the Lab grew, and I began working on Indie Film Nite, a free monthly event that features a local filmmaker and his/her work. Today, I also blog about the Tuesday morning startup meetups and interview tech entrepreneurs about what it takes to be successful in the job hunt process. It all started with that one day when I decided to see what was going on at 23 N. Walnut St.”
— Jesse Piersol, Founder of 16 Lloyd Productions

TREATMiNT Box Office Hours Testimonial

We’ve asked Founder of TREATMiNT Box, Kimberly Fink, to share her experiences after participating in an Office Hours session at Walnut St. Labs.


“Going to office hours at Walnut Street Labs was an awesome experience. I needed some advice from someone who had been in my shoes. My questions were answered and I was able to meet other entrepreneurs in the area. If you are wondering if you should make an appointment… you should!”
— Kimberly Fink, Founder of TREATMiNT Box

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TREATMiNT Box offers gifts for cancer patients and survivors. It is the first-ever subscription service dedicated to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. Our mission is simple: provide a rock solid way for friends and family to show their support and stay connected when it’s hard to relate. TREATMINT Box’s curated boxes and products provide inspiration to fuel the fight of those battling and healing from cancer. You can expect gifts that comfort and inspire. Send love, send support, send TREATMiNT!

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Facecrunch Office Hours Testimonial

We’ve asked the Founder of Facecrunch, Jon Beschen, to share his Office Hours experiences with us. It’s our hope that connecting with the right people will save your startup time, energy and other finite resources that propel your business forward.


“Office Hours with Chris and Kevin were fantastically valuable for us. The first time they helped narrow in on the most marketable idea we were toying with. Their advice set us running. After some development time with the idea they both offered great feedback and insight into our product, which ultimately helped us refine it into an awesome offering.”
— Jonathon Beschen, Founder of Facecrunch & Partner at SparkNet Technologies


FaceCrunch is a image recommendation and curation engine for digital advertising. Facebook specifically has been studied on how the choice of faces in your ad has more of an affect then almost any other attribute of the ad. Additionally there has been a lot of research released in the last 6 months on face bias in different advertising verticles.

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SplashFlood’s Pre-Funding Office Hours Testimonial

Chris Thompson from SplashFlood

Chris Thompson from SplashFlood

The guys at SplashFlood were a few days away from their big pitch and turned to Walnut St. Labs’ Office Hours to put on some final touches. With the help of our Innovation Advisors, the pitch was a total success, and they got funding the next week!

Here’s what one of their Cofounders, Chris Thompson had to say about the experience:

“The Office Hours session with Ray Sarnacki happened days before our pitch to an investor. His vast experience and wise insight helped us better understand the investor perspective and therefore present our value proposition in a more compelling manner. He followed up multiple times afterwards with additional helpful information. Ray’s feedback on our presentation was instrumental in us securing the funding.”

In addition to two office hours sessions with Ray Sarnacki of The Wharton School of Business, Ralph and Chris met with Terry Kerwin, an attorney at Fox Rothschild, for some startup legal help.

Here’s Chris again:

“Being able to receive free legal advice from Terry Kerwin through Office Hours was very helpful at our pre-funding stage. Terry provided helpful advice without making us feel stupid! We walked away with a clear action plan on how to resolve issues that were haunting us.”


Terry Kerwin, attorney at Fox Rothschild

Terry Kerwin, attorney at Fox Rothschild


Ray Sarnacki

Ray Sarnacki