Jesse Piersol has been a champion of Walnut St. Labs since the beginning, but was only recently in serious need of accounting help. Her previous experience w/ Office Hours precipitated her undying desire to participate in many of our events, including her recent Startup Meetup blog entries and event coordination for Indie Film Nite.


“I started a small business at the beginning of summer, and now it’s tax time. It was a bit overwhelming to figure out what all I needed to do. I scheduled time with Kathy Wileczek through the Office Hours program, and she got me sorted out and empowered to do it on my own. As a bonus, she needs some public speaking help, so I have a chance to return the favor.”
— Jesse Piersol, Founder of 16 Lloyd Productions


Founded in 2013, 16 Lloyd Productions focuses on original narrative and documentary film projects with a meaningful connection to the community which inspires them. 16 Lloyd combines the unique, nimble talent and resources available in southeastern Pennsylvania with the power of our neighboring metropolitan centers. Keeping projects local gives them an authentic visual style, and supports the communities in which we live.