Year 1 Numbers, Year 2 Plan, Walnut St. Labs Acquires 23 North Digital +

When I started Walnut St. Labs it was based on instincts—with a half-a-dash of empirical data. Kinda risky. But I had a back up plan: 23 North Digital—a digital innovation consultancy. I launched it at the same time and have been running it simultaneously along with Walnut St. Labs. And to my surprise, WSL + 23ND became BFFS. They enhanced each other. Here’s a shot-glass worth of a recap for both sides of the house.

Year 1, 2014 Recapsdsc_0072

Walnut St. Labs

  • 110 Events
  • Over 3,000 people through our doors.
  • 4 startups in our incubator
  • 5 partnerships

23 North Digital

  • 35 clients – big to small
  • 3 new media properties/products
  • Developed an in-house video production team

1 + 1 = 3

So, to bolster the WSL mission, I’ve decided to bring the two sides together. Going forward, 23 North Digital will run as Walnut St. Labs’ services arm. The added advantage is that the revenue that 23 North Digital drives will directly benefit the long-term strategy of Walnut St. Labs, which includes events, the coworking space, as well as the incubator—and a few other items we’ll be talking to you about very soon.

Then Mary Walked In

mary-bwOne thing I love about the Lab is the serendipity that it creates. A key strategic decision I made in 2014 was for 23 North Digital to merge with Brandywine Creative—led by Mary Fisher. Mary is the consummate multi-tasker and has an almost pathological attention to detail 🙂 Mary turbo-charged 23 North Digital through operational excellence, management awesomeness and most importantly, 100% commitment to the goal of growth. There aren’t too many people willing to jump onto a careening experiment, but I’m glad she did. Mary Fisher will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer across Walnut St. Labs, including all business lines: 23 North Digital, Coworking, Events, and the Incubator. If you have a question, she knows the answer. Connect with Mary if you haven’t already.

Welcome to Walnut St. Labs, Mary Fisher! Let’s continue to get $*&t done!


CEO and Founder
Walnut St. Labs