From the Founder and CEO, Chris Dima

When I left teaching about 15 years ago to pursue technology, I remember thinking: “Am I getting in too late?”

I had enough confidence in my instincts that I put that thought out of my head and plowed forward.

It seems now, that we’re at another inflection point: the transformation that affected consumer technology so conspicuously — mobile devices, browsers, speedy cellular networks, 1 Gbps wifi, cloud infrastructure — is not hitting business and the enterprise.

Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box, just noted:

“By lowering costs and and removing adoption hurdles, the cloud expanded the market from millions to billions of people globally and in turn, businesses are using more apps than ever before.”

He cites a study by Okta that found that enterprises are deploying 129 apps on average.

The custom built tech stack is waning — now, you’re likely to be able to move mountains by chaining together best-of-breed SaaS apps.

This is right where Walnut St. Labs operates: in the tumult of change.

Where most companies retrench when seismic change comes knocking, we seek out what’s new — and we test it.

We validate it. And we pick the best. Why?

So our clients don’t have to.

Do you need to address some antiquated systems? Do you need to embrace cloud services? Do you need to do more with less?

This is where digital works. Consistently.

If you’re reading this, then you came this far — let’s talk.



George Karmas

George Karmas

Director of Engineering

I have an extensive background in Full Stack Design & Development, Digital Marketing, and Creative Problem Solving. 

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Daniel Paugh

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Austin Gomberg

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