Day 2 of the 1-Day Build


Chris Dima

Founder and CEO

Jun 16, 2015

Printing the Z Axis Rod Ends June 16th

by Chadwick Wingrave, Maker in Residence


I was looking for a phone number to call Printrbot today. No luck, but I did find specs for the Z Axis Rod Ends. Ok, not exciting to you, but it was bitter-sweet to me. You see, fitting the rod into this end required a few well-placed taps by a hammer, followed by several full-body swings of Mjölnir (aka Thor’s hammer). I can easily see people hammering the rod straight through the piece. I can easily see this because we did this and need to replace the piece on our printer.


In any event, I printed a few for the Bootcamp participants using our trusty in-house Bukito and my inner-geek put the calipers down for another day.

Three Shopify Apps That Enterprise, High-SKU Stores, Need From Day One.

Managing and optimizing tens of thousands of SKUs while while maintaining agility is hard “af” as they say. We manage high-SKU stores mostly on Shopify these days — and we do it with the help of these three app. These apps allow merchants to bulk optimize your Google shopping feeds, optimize shipping options, and the ability to edit just about any product or subset in bulk.

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