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Chris Dima

Founder and CEO

Nov 18, 2013

“If your community doesn’t have what you want in it, start creating.

That was the thinking behind Walnut St. Labs, a new West Chester incubator and coworking space from entrepreneur Chris Dima.

A little under a decade ago, Dima, 40, tired of commuting to Philadelphia for his job as an adult education teacher, decided to take any job he could that was walking distance from his house. That happened to be at, which later sold in 2005 to Moody’s for $27 million. Dima’s been working in startups — only within walking distance from his house — ever since.”

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Three Shopify Apps That Enterprise, High-SKU Stores, Need From Day One.

Managing and optimizing tens of thousands of SKUs while while maintaining agility is hard “af” as they say. We manage high-SKU stores mostly on Shopify these days — and we do it with the help of these three app. These apps allow merchants to bulk optimize your Google shopping feeds, optimize shipping options, and the ability to edit just about any product or subset in bulk.

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