Client Spotlight: Who is DRG?

Get to know our client DRG International, leading global provider of specialty medical equipment and diagnostics products.


A truly multinational organization.

DRG International employs over 120 people in locations across Europe, Asia, and North America. Being active in 110 countries, DRG makes good use of their multilingual sales and service team. The Company continues to expand its multinational presence by manufacturing and distributing specialty medical diagnostic products.

DRG International office locations


International trendsetters.

DRG International developed the HYBRiD-XL ® which uses innovative and unique technology. Unheard of before its time, this device has given medical testing professionals the ability to measure immunoassay and clinical chemistry parameters, at the same time. These diagnostic services performed at hospitals, clinics and large medical practice facilities are now completed in a more organized fashion and up to ten times faster. This saves time, lowers costs, and reduces errors.


The man who put the Dr.G in DRG.

Dr. Cyril E. Geacintov is CEO and President of DRG International. The self-proclaimed “Renegade Scientist” is fluent in English, German, Russian and French and has held high-level positions at the U.S Department of Commerce, the Council for Trade & Economic Cooperation (CTEC), the Bureau of East/West Trade, Avon and Mobil.

He founded the company in 1970 in New Jersey with a goal of producing and distributing the highest-quality products across the globe. Because of Dr. G’s unwavering commitment to excellence, DRG International has become an authority in researching, designing, and manufacturing the medical diagnostic products that continue to redefine the industry. Because of Dr. G’s almost 50 years as CEO of the company, clinical laboratories and medical institutions across the world have access to innovative, specialty products.


Dr. Cyril E. Geacintov is CEO and President of DRG International


World Travelers.

DRG International doesn’t just ship products all over the world, they show up. With 40 major international conferences, exhibitions, and workshops scheduled for 2017, it’s no wonder the medical world turns to DRG for the latest technology, testing procedures, and international expertise. You can catch them in Singapore for Medlab Asia Pacific, in Orlando for ENDO Expo 2017, and in Saint Petersburg, Russia for the International Scientific Congress. With all that international exposure, they have no shortage of favorite places to visit.