Facebook Insights Is One Of The Most Powerful Tools

Facebook Insights Is One Of The Most Powerful Analytics Tools Available


In Facebook there are so many data-points available to measure — Likes, Engagement, Reach, Demographic, Etc — Insights helps you to understand how your audience is connecting with your content, how you’re growing and provides you with an overview of how your overall Facebook strategy is performing.


Half the battle of making sense of data is clearly defining what you want to accomplish. Next, is knowing where you can find measurable data to track your progress, hone your tactics, and ultimately achieve your goal . Here are just a few of the key highlights of what you’ll know from FB Insights:

1. Where your Page Likes came from,

2. What’s your reach and what factors affect it.

3. What people did on your Page; Who liked, saw, or engaged with your Page.

4. In Messenger, understanding your Response times and analytics.








The Local Tab: Local Businesses. Minds Blown.

In this tab, you have information about the foot traffic in your area, demographic information about people near your place, and percentage of people nearby who saw your Facebook ads.









The Action Tab: Know Your Audience

The Actions on Page tab allows you to understand what people do when they are on your Page. A few actions that Facebook considered are clicking on “Get Directions”, clicking on your phone number, clicking on your website, and clicking on your action button.