5 Reasons Shopify is the Super-est platform for Ecommerce

Whether you are just starting out or looking to grow your business, Shopify is great platform to run your ecommerce business. With beautiful themes that look and work great whether viewing on a computer or mobile device, Shopify can help you connect with customers and drive sales. With over 300,000 Shopify stores currently on the web today, you’ll get the support you need to be successful.


1. Ease of Use

When running an ecommerce store, you want it to work for you, not against you. Shopify allows you to easily edit inventory, make changes to themes and menus, and add pages and posts. Using Shopify Smart Collections, store owners can separate the catalog of products into categories and make it easier for customers to browse. The experience of using Shopify is both simple for the store owner, and for the customer. From browsing products, to adding items to the cart, to completing the purchase, the experience is seamless.

Shopify is easy to use on any device

2. The Apps

Since Shopify runs on a standard platform, you are able to try out different apps to see which ones are a great fit for you and your ecommerce store. Because these apps are built to run on Shopify, you don’t need to worry about “breaking” your site. There are apps for loyalty programs, cross-sell and upsell aps, shipping apps, apps to integrate with your accounting software. You can make your ecommerce site run just how you want with well over 1,000 apps to choose from.


3. Security

Defending against threats are always a high priority for any ecommerce site. Keeping your customer data and business information securely maintained and safe from hackers is of the utmost importance. Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant–meaning you can accept credit cards with the peace of mind that the data is being handled securely.


4. Tracking Orders and Sales

You can manage your orders and track sales right from your mobile phone. You are only one click away from all the info you need to run your ecommerce store. The mobile dashboard lets you see your business at a glance and track trending items. You can lookup customers and contact them by email or phone right from the app. And your data is always synced with your online store so that you can make decisions with real-time data.

Track your Shopify orders and sales

5. Outstanding Customer Service

You want to spend your time running your business, not playing tech support. The help center is full of FAQ’s, user guides, and tutorials. It is clearly organized with the ability to easily search for a quick “how-to”. But you always have access to live support.
The Shopify support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach them by email, live chat, or phone.


To learn more about how you can get started with Shopify (or how to migrate your current ecommerce store over to Shopify) drop us a line. You can call us at (610) 541-2026 or send us an email.