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Instagram is finally realizing a specialized profile type specifically for creators.

Whereas the only previous options were for a personal or business, this new type is geared towards those interested in a wider range of features to not only better understand and analyze the engagement they have with their audience but interaract them with in a more streamlined and impactful way.

Creator profiles will now have access to more in-depth analytics to track their engagement like a breakdown of their reach or metrics on optimal engagement time; even demographic breakdowns.

If your follow numbers are getting up there, you’ll want this new profile type to manage all those DM slide-ins. You’ll now be able to filter them as well as prioritize them between friends and preferred brands. There maybe a restriction so be warned! It hasn’t been confirmed yet but it’s possible only accounts with a minimum number of followers may be allowed to access this profile type, (We are guessing at least 10k).

In a move to make it more like business accounts, now you won’t have to use outside apps to get statistics on those follow/unfollow numbers because it will be built right in! Honestly, we can’t believe they haven’t released this sooner. It makes sense for business profiles but it’s a lot of work to do on your own personally without an outside app.

There are some minor downsides to mention, however. They’ll no longer be enabling API access which means no post scheduling. Not a huge loss. Be organic with your content!

All-in-all this is a great move for the app. Users with large followings have been using outside tools for a while now. We are certain Facebook has been doing their research and taking the best ideas to make it an all-in-one platform that will continue to build it up as a leading social media outlet. Analytics are everything and we’ve been around the block.

Reach out and let us show you what a proper game plan can do.