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First came Walnut St. Labs—a clubhouse for the nerdy and artistic. Then we started doing events to highlight innovators. Then we started doing videos of the events. Then more people came to the events. And so we did more videos.

Then we started getting questions: do you know someone who can _________? And, hey, we need a _____________—let me know if you know anyone.

So we built TechJobs—a job board.

Job boards are pretty boring and definitely not innovative. So we thought we’d do videos by visiting businesses who posted jobs on our board. We’re true believers when it comes to video marketing—as long as it’s sans-slick. That is, it’s got to be real. Authentic. Unfiltered.

We like realism. We don’t like scripting stuff out. We like “to see what happens”.

So the folks at Coldlight agreed to give video content marketing a try. On the way there, we came up with TechTours. “Like Charlie Rose in a hoodie,” I said.  Or VH1 Behind the Music, but with hackers and technologists.

That was an awesomely fun time. Check it out yourself:



After watching it a bunch of times we thought: “Damn, this is way better than a job board!! EVERY company looking to fill a position should do a video like this.”

Does your company have a video like this?

Are you willing to open the doors to your organization and let your team talk to the world about why they love working there?

Holy #$@! That’s scary! It takes courage!!

Actually, it doesn’t.

It takes confidence in your people, in your culture. It takes the belief that transparency trumps everything else. Be who you are—people (and prospective employees) will like you and your company much more.

And the relationship will probably endure longer.

So here’s our bet—and why we started a job board that’s really just a trojan horse (we’re on our way to your office with our camera crew!): “Charlie Rose in a hoodie” is on a mission to remake recruiting from the ground up.

If you get the cameras rolling, you just might be surprised by how many employees volunteer to do a testimonial. And that’s the exact moment when all the magic starts to happen.

Check out