We are excited to announce that MongoSluice is now available to HP Vertica customers as a solution to move unstructured data from MongoDB into HP Vertica’s big data platform.

We think MongoSluice is a great fit for users of HP Vertica, particularly those that store customer analytics (clickstream data, for example) in MongoDB. MongoSluice moves data from any MongoDB document collection into Vertica (or any RDBMS datastore). What’s different is that what MongoSluice sends over is the data as well as neatly-organized and strongly-typed relational database schema. MongoSluice turns NoSQL to SQL in minutes.

MongoSluice was able to reduce the time to transform and migrate data between MongoDB and Vertica from 3 days to a matter of minutes — allowing analytics to happen in near real-time. That translates into a significant opportunity for analysis or business intelligence to make its way back into marketing systems in record time.


We look forward to working with the HP Big Data team to help its clients more easily leverage big data’s insights.

HP Vertica is a leader in the development of big data and customer analytics solutions, used by customers such as Twitter, Zynga and Etsy. Vertica was founded in 2005 by database researcher Michael Stonebraker, and Andrew Palmer. Vertica was acquired by HP in 2011.

Learn more about how MongoSluice and HP Vertica work together, and see other Data Integration solutions here: https://www.vertica.com/partners/data-integration-etl/