Creating the Future of Sustainable Growth in Philly w/ Michael Riley


Chris Dima

Founder and CEO

Dec 16, 2014

Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter

“Theres nothing better then getting out there and actually interacting with successful people, who are doing things they care about, and do it well.”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter

“Not having a large budget, SEO was a great way to do marketing, back in the day.”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter

“Different fads that come and go, and things change over time. SEO is one of those things that we’re seeing now in Boxter that’s changing. ROI on SEO is really changing.”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter


“The easiest way to stay profitable in starting off is just keeping the overhead low.”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter


“Focus on what’s working. Instead of being stubborn and stuck on one vision from the beginning, just adapt!”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter


“A big lesson I learned is to get rid of bad clients. Oftentimes, the companies you’re dealing with can be a net loss, even if they’re paying you. It’s something that could hold you back and really stop your growth.”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter


“Its an overall good investment for you and your company to build a strong reputation. At the end of the day, as an entrepreneur, that’s all you have! You have to personally build that capital on its own.”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter


“Years ago, I wanted to do something big. And the thought was, ‘What if we rethought the entire UX UI paradigm of the system, so that it would be easier to post content?’ SimplPost solved some technical and scaling issues at the time.”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter


“The issue nowadays is just standing out online. Anyone can build a website. Its easy. But, how fast can you grow your web traffic became the leader?”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter


“In our current market, having an incredibly fast site is a competitive advantage”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter


“Put it in front of people first and then build it. Don’t just build it and expect people to flock to your product. Inside of building the app and hoping people come, get out there and verify with paying customers.”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter


“I’m a fan of bootstrapping, and Philly is a great place for it! There’s a strong startup community here, and there’s a lot going on.”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter


“We’ve been actively involved with PSL, and I founded Philly Startup Tech. We have 50 of us now to help the community with specifically tech problems.”
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter

“RJ is a good example of an overnight success, that took seven years!
— Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter