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Kristen LaSalle, Cofounder & VP of Sales


What was the problem that Instamour is trying to solve?

“At Instamour, our team has been using dating websites since the late 90’s and the newer mobile apps for years now. We have been carefully testing and diagnosing what the most common problems are. And, we keep finding the same problems over and over again. In a nutshell, they just aren’t personal enough because pictures and text don’t cut it anymore in this world of technology.”


What’s the solution that you came up with?

“Our Mission is to solve the headaches of online dating with new functionality that has until, never been possible before! We’ve made our app available for both android and iOS.”

“Our solution is the world’s first real video relationship platform!
We’ve created a new opportunity to see real personalities by browsing video profiles, engaging in live video chats, virtual phone calls, and instant messaging. We are shifting the paradigm for online dating profiles and experiences.”


What’s your vision for the future of Instamour?

“Well, we’re raising funds right now. So, we are interested in adding on more developers and configuring some persisting issue that are specific to the nature of these new online dating functionalities yield.  We’re also in the process of demoing our products at other spaces and looking to gain as many more users as possible.”