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“Your are Stronger Than You Think”

Kimberly Fink, Founder of TREATMiNTBox

“You are your own best advocate for your health”

“I asked the doctor, ‘Am I going to die? Is everything gonna be ok?’. And really what I meant was, ‘Can you reassure me? because this seems a little scary’. I expected him to say that everything is going to be fine. But, what he actually said was,’I can’t tell you that, but we’re going to do everything that we can.’… That’s not what you want to hear.”
— Kimberly Fink, @TREATMiNTBox


“That night was the first time that I felt truly helpless. A nurse came in my room the next morning, and she pulled off my covers and my hospital gown. And, there I was; completely exposed and shivering. She was giving me a bath with a sponge and I remember thinking in that moment that everything I thought I knew seemed like complete bullshit! It (Uterine Cancer) turned my world upside-down”
— Kimberly Fink, @TREATMiNTBox


“Past that first card or initial phone call, people don’t know what to say. People don’t know what to do. They feel weird or awkward that they’re going to say the wrong thing, so they end up saying nothing at all. And, that silence is very deafening. It makes a lonely experience even more isolating.”
— Kimberly Fink, @TREATMiNTBox


“Part of being empowered is aligning your core values with what you’re doing everyday.”

“There were two problems. One was, ‘How do I bridge that gap between trying to support somebody who has cancer and a patient’s feelings of isolation?’. Number two was, ‘How do I offer cancer patients something that I would wear and would remind them that they’re strong enough to get through this?'”
— Kimberly Fink, @TREATMiNTBox


“We sell boxes that are filled with inspirational and comfort items. They’re sold in increments of one, three, six or twelve months. It’s geared toward a caregiver or a friend that would buy it for a family member or friend with cancer. What I love about the subscription method is that it provides continual support to the patient, month after month. And every month, we prompt you with a message that you can personalize to send out with the next box.”
— Kimberly Fink, @TREATMiNTBox


“We are now building a community of cancer survivors who help choose the future items for current cancer patients. We’ll go in, curate twenty items or so and our community will narrow it down to four or five.”
— Kimberly Fink, @TREATMiNTBox


“We’re also co-branding with non profits and other brands. I got a call from the CEO of LiveStrong and he said, ‘I heard what your doing and I’m super excited about it because you have developed the prefect delivery system for us, and we want to do a partnership!’ So, now we’re working through a distribution deal with them.”
— Kimberly Fink, @TREATMiNTBox


“Our product serves a community that has been forgotten. There are few other companies that have considered design, as well as what cancer patients actually need.”
— Kimberly Fink, @TREATMiNTBox