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“Story Slam actually started with a tweet”
–Jim Breslin, @wcstoryslam @delcostoryslam


“Story Slam is an event where anyone can tell a story based on the theme of the night. The only other criteria is that the story should be true, there are no props, notes or music and it should be no longer than five minutes.”
— Jim Breslin, @wcstoryslam @delcostoryslam


“A panel of three judges are selected at the beginning of the Slam and its is up to them to decide the best story of the night.” — Jim Breslin, @wcstoryslam @delcostoryslam


“If you win the Story Slam you’re given the coveted Story Slam mug, and are entered in the chance to win the Grand Slam” — Jim Breslin, @wcstoryslam @delcostoryslam


“If you win the Grand Slam, your name becomes immortalized on the Story Slam cup. I don’t play-up the prizes because I don’t want it to become too competitive. I want it to be about building community and friendships.”
— Jim Breslin, @wcstoryslam @delcostoryslam


“In Story Slams, you don’t know what people are going to say, but with our event Center Stage theme is a little more heavy, so storytellers are vetted and work more closely with a producer.” — Jim Breslin, @wcstoryslam @delcostoryslam


“Story Slam is in its fifth year, and we’re really excited to have such a strong following at this stage.” — Jim Breslin, @wcstoryslam @delcostoryslam


“To celebrate the fifth year of Story Slam we are creating an anthology. I’ve selected stories that resonated the most with me.”
— Jim Breslin, @wcstoryslam @delcostoryslam


“The last 14 Story Slams have sold out, it is to a crowd of only 70 people in West Chester, so they sell out pretty quickly.”
— Jim Breslin, @wcstoryslam @delcostoryslam


“I recently wrote a novel, Shoplandia. It was inspired by my time as a TV producer at QVC.” — Jim Breslin, @wcstoryslam @delcostoryslam


“The next Center Stage event is themed ‘Faith’, and the next Story Slam is themed ‘Scars’, which should be real interesting.”
— Jim Breslin, @wcstoryslam @delcostoryslam


“Nowadays, when the story slams end, people stick around for another hour or so at least just to hang out and connect with our community via social media and become friends.” — Jim Breslin, @wcstoryslam @delcostoryslam