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That’s his story and he’s sticking to it!

“While I like the introduction that Chris gave me; ‘a jack of all trades’, at my age, Id like to be a king!” (audience laughs)
— Dana Hoffer, General Partner @VRevolution


“Todays pitch is all about how well you can convey meaning to others.”
— Dana Hoffer, General Partner @VRevolution


“I help people get the resources they need to grow their business, and
Im good at getting resources, so that they can grow their business.”
— Dana Hoffer, General Partner @VRevolution


“You can see great storytelling all the time, in everyday life.”
–Dana Hoffer, General Partner @VRevolution


“Be compelling. Have a message plan and get it out their!”
— Dana Hoffer, General Partner @VRevolution


” A Museum, is directly translated to mean a place for muses to congregate. The Muses are the nine daughters of Zeus, goddesses of inspiration, the source of knowledge, related orally.”
— Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“These are the 9 muses (points to projector), their names and interests; … Euterpe (music), Erato (lyric poetry), Melopomene (tradegy), Polyhymnia (hymns), Terpsichore (dance), Thalia (comedy) & Urania (Astrology).”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“Resources; its easy to win if you have the right resources, and this relates to the importance of great storytelling”
— Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“History, Herstory, whats your story?; I’ve done a little research and Im convinced that the definition of history is ‘his-story’.”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“Having a story is good but you have to back it up, because otherwise (one) might say that it’s fiction.”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“Hows it going?; Set yourself up to succeed by including information that is clear, compelling and include the whole story”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


Knowing your audience and piecing your message to fit you audience is hugely important”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“If you want people to help your business or gain resources, you have to get them to buy in on you.”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“You have to establish credibility and its something that people tell you not to do, but not establishing credibility is a mistake. And its a mistake people make all the time.”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“By staying focused on what the whole story is can protect yourself from saying things that don’t need to be stated.
We should be able to answer any story-related questions before they have ever been asked and avoid sharing things that don’t relate back to the story.”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“You may need multiple versions of the same story in order to tailor it to your audience. And, that is something you should be prepared to do, if you haven’t already”
— Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“I was at a black-tie event, and an investor approached me and asked what my story was. And, I told him that  I help people get resources they need to grow their business’. That got him interested in me, and he asked if I was looking for funding. So, I asked the investor if he had 20 dollars, and he laughed and said that he was thinking more like $100,000. He ended up investing $300,000 instead. I spoke his language, by challenging back, I was able to establish credibility with him. We’re still good friends to this day.”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“When you understand your audience properly, you can contextualize your story the most effectively and you will have success.”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“Don’t ask angels for money, you have to offer something that they want and ask for help on it.”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“Most angels are investing to ride in the flow of your success”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution

“A lot of times, people get money and they don’t manage it correctly… So, pay yourself when you can. I see people neglect to do this all the time and if you don’t (pay yourself) it will create problems.”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution


“If your looking for resources networking will always be helpful. Communicating is what people require to work and coordinate in a team and gain resources. Don’t forget to ask for help and don’t forget to offer help also.”
–Dana Hoffer, @VRevolution

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