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We invited mobile developer and Night Owls regular, Clay Zug to demo ‘Text’.  We’ve been testing his app around the lab for the last few weeks and we’re excited to have him present his latest creation to the community.

WSL: What is ‘Text’?
“Text is a dead simple text messenger, with a network.”

Why did you build it?
“Selfishly, we built it for ourselves. We found our basic communication to include jumping in and out of multiple apps, some of which would require all types of information to be a part of the network. So we wanted a place with minimal on-boarding, zero data storage, and a network with the ability to text our friends, services, businesses & apps all from one simple medium. So we are creating a new network for that purpose.”

What resources went into it?
“Coffee & Xcode. We did things a bit unconventionally… It took about 3 hours to create the basic functionality on a Side Project Saturday at Indy Hall. And we immediately put it on the App Store without ever testing it… and it worked! Over the next month of friends really liking it, we asked for feedback and made the functionality cleaner & easier with each release. Ryan Hoover (Founder of Product Hunt) has a good post on why developers should build their products in public (see link below). I agree with many of his assertions.”

What are your goals for year one?
“Gain validation. Text is still a tiny kernel of a much larger idea. But in order to pursue the larger idea and tackle the larger problems we must gain a high level of validation and adoption, otherwise we are just spinning our wheels. We just opened up globally yesterday. Right now we have great adoption amongst the early adopters who heard about us in the Philadelphia region and some friend groups throughout the US who I know. And we are starting to get the word out about Text now so these are exciting times.”

I’m “clay” on Text
–Clay Zug
App Store
Indy Hall
Ryan Hoover Post