Google My Business is more and more almost a complete mini-version of your site. Often it’s even more. 

Top Questions You Probably Have

  1. How do I get on the first page of Google?
  2. How do I improve the way I look on Google Maps?
  3. What is Google My Business?
  4. Is Google free?
  5. What does “organic” mean?
  6. Are Google’s reviews real? Do reviews impact search?
  7. How can I improve my ranking?
  8. What’s Google Merchant Center?
  9. How often should I look at “analytics”?


Key Things To Do

  1. Ensure you have accurately filled out your Google My Business page.
  2. Find out what time of day people are calling your business from one of Google’s pages.
  3. What keywords trigger your page to appear in SERPs?
  4. What’s a SERP?
  5. Who finds my by browsing vs. who finds me via directed search?
  6. How often do people look at my pictures?
  7. How does someone in a different location see my page in search?
  8. Do search results change with geo? time of day? based on my search history?