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Utilizing Video for Wheelhouse Analytics with Jim Sueffert

We talked with Jim Sueffert, Senior Partner at Wheelhouse Analytics.

How do Walnut St. Labs videos differ from what you’ve done in the past?

Well the video in the past; very scripted, very planned, more like theater. The videos we’ve produced; very natural. What pops into my head [and] hopefully comes out [are] sincere, meaningful, smaller bites. And I think people get a clearer feeling and message as to what what we’re trying to say; where we’re trying to go.

Can video change the culture of financial services?

I think when you put an unscripted video out there with hopefully people that you know, know the subject matter and you don’t have a script version if you will I think the audience can tell pretty quickly whether or not the individuals real. And once they’re for real that tends to lead to maybe a face – at least a phone call – and then maybe a face-to-face meeting and then that thread continues to be bold hopefully in a positive direction.

What dies video accomplish for Wheelhouse Analytics?

I think for establishing credibility you can look at a resume but I think the video is a better medium nowadays than paper.

How did you take your video media to the next level?

Walnut St. Labs actually took us to this place we we needed help you know messaging, we need to be crisp, concise to generate the velocity and they did it.


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