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Blazing Fast Internet at Walnut St. Labs

Recently at Walnut St. Labs, we've been having fun experimenting to speed up our internet connection. Before we started our quest, we read our speed to be around 40Mb/s down and 40Mb/s up. These speeds are fairly good, but we knew we could do better. With the service...

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Week One #ProtoComp2015 is in the books

The Launch Party last week was a total blast, but the real ‘meat and potatoes’ of this project, the creative core, has only just begun. We were floored to see the extent of community interest at #ProtoComp2015 launch, and were futhermore encouraged to see that almost everyone who partied with us last week, not only signed up, but showed up for Week One to compete.

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Wilhem Arthur Leads WSL’s MiniMaker Space

We’ve partnered with NextFab to create a “MiniMaker Space” here at Walnut St. Labs. We sent Wilhem, our lead developer, to NextFab to learn about 3D Printing. He jumped at the chance to sign on as our 3D printing technician. He’s always been interested in 3D printing and now gets the chance to run two bukitos. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

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WSL and Unisys #ProtoComp2015 Launch Party

The Walnut St. Labs Team and a few key Unisys people, namely Brittney Burchett, have busted their humps to ensure that our Prototyping Competition was a complete and utter success. There were a number of immediate challenges that beset the group in light of the event’s more “nuanced” format. The most blatant of which was the problem of ambiguity.

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Kyle Hudson Travels Through Time

“You might have a great personality, and be great at your work. But if you don’t show up, no one cares.”

23 North Digital’s Kyle Hudson cites that as the best advice he’s ever received, and accordingly, he showed up in a big way this morning. After a late-night cancellation from today’s originally scheduled speaker, Kyle dropped what he was doing to put together a presentation about his own unique journey, one that began at Full Sail University and includes a stop right here at 23 North Walnut Street.

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Leveraging the Fantasy Market w/ John Walters of StockJock

“We want to be the Flintstones vitamins of stock market games.”

John Walters is bringing the thrill of fantasy sports leagues to the stock market. The Villanova grad started off at First National Bank, where he learned first hand about the problems confronting small businesses. Today, he’s a Senior Living Balance Sheet Specialist at eMoney Advisor, as well as the founder of StockJock, an online fantasy stock trading game.

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Year 1 Numbers, Year 2 Plan, Walnut St. Labs Acquires 23 North Digital +

When I started Walnut St. Labs it was based on instincts—with a half-a-dash of empirical data. Kinda risky. But I had a back up plan: 23 North Digital—a digital innovation consultancy. I launched it at the same time and have been running it simultaneously along with Walnut St. Labs. And to my surprise, WSL + 23ND became BFFS. They enhanced each other. Here’s a shot-glass worth of a recap for both sides of the house.

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