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3D Printers, Micro-Manufacturing, the Internet of Things and More

Fabrication technologies, maker expertise and advances in electronics, combined with social media, design and a user focus, is the new face of innovation. It’s the type of innovation that positively impacts and changes people’s lives — and the power is in people’s hands to do it for themselves. Walnut St Labs will work hard to be the best hub, the best place to connect businesses, entrepreneurs, academics and makers, for mutual support and inspiration and advancement.

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CoreDial’s Alan Rihm on Being a “Real Entrepreneur”

Alan Rihm on his early days as an entrepreneur: “We went from selling 2-3 accounts a day to 20-30 because we went on the Howard Stern Show and gave away Netscape disks for free.” Alan needed help. Fast. “I recruited my mom to answer the phones. She said, ‘But I don’t know what to say!’ I told her just to pick up the phone and put them on hold.”

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Walnut St. Labs Dives into the Hardware Space

Walnut St. Labs initial run of the 3D Printer Boot Camp was a complete success. We’ve been updating with our progress along the way, and everyone’s hard work paid off. 5 local innovators walked in last Friday 6/26 and all of them walked out with a 3D printer they each built themselves with the help and support of one another and the resident Maker Technicians at WSL.

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