King’s Hall Cofounder Devon Perry Hypes the Suburban Coworking Scene

Chris Dima

Founder and CEO

Aug 26, 2015

“What would coworking look like, personified, if it walked through the door?” This question led Devon Perry and her husband to rehab a recently purchased investment property—a former funeral home in need of updating—into King’s Hall, a coworking space in Haddonfield, New Jersey. She continues, “We realized that coworkers are probably urban, under 30, with generally at least one foot in tech.” By offering a “home office away from home” environment, King’s Hall serves a wide variety of coworking needs. “Whether someone is moonlighting a big idea, or making the full-time leap into bleeding strategically for a period of time,” King’s Hall’s mission is “to help their members thrive by fostering professional networks, reaching new markets and increasing productivity.” On Strategic Partnerships “Solve other people’s pain points,” Devon offers. “For example, we have a coffee shop right across the street from King’s Hall, and we talked to them about encouraging our coworkers to use them for coffee, rather than selling coffee in our space. It helps alleviate the situation where people hang out all day in their shop working and using their wifi. It also drives coffee business into their shop from King’s Hall.   On Funding “Anchor tenants sign on for long-term commitments, and they root in the space differently than a coworker who just needs some temporary space to start up in. Anchor tenants and member companies make it possible for other coworkers to have access to short-term coworking arrangements.” The Willits Room at King’s Hall is a full-technology conference room available for rental, and also offered for free to boards of nonprofit organizations. “Who sits on boards? All of those people talk about King’s Hall to members of their other organizations, helping us with our business as well.” Realtors can also use the space for $49 an hour for real estate closings. Other rooms are available for daily rental. Even the garden out back draws business. “We rent it out for weddings and events.” On Being a ‘Mom and Pop Shop’ “We’re striving to be the Dr. Pepper or A&W root beer rather than Coke or Pepsi. If it’s only the space that you need, and not community, there are other alternatives. We’re a true mom and pop shop because of how we’re invested in the community.” “When you see a ‘coffee and chocolate’ session at King’s Hall, you’ll see there’s so much crossover in what people are working on.” That interconnectivity between coworking members is what makes Kingdom Hall unique. Devon is passionate about sharing. “I’m inspired to share my stories to encourage others to start coworking spaces in their communities.”