6 Things We Learned at #RAIN2015


Chris Dima

Founder and CEO

Jul 24, 2015


We ABSOLUTELY loved the#RAIN2015 energy @UCScienceCenter. Chris and I attempted to build a list of 5 things that we learned, but there was too much goodness! So, we added one more to the list.


1. We need more selfless outreach across our entire Ecosystem:



2.  Philly’s competing on a global stage:




3.  People pleasing will get you nowhere:



4.  Collaboration is not limited startups:




5.  Corporations require some serious flexibility:



6. Be mindful of the ‘David and Goliath’ heuristic:




If anyone out there is thinking to themselves: “Hey Ben! You put you’re own tweet in that blog you made.” My response is,”I know, I know.. only because no one else tweeted this quote”. See you next year!


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