We asked Jordan Brock and Christian Plummer of Hit the Sticks to come play video games with us. We got to really dig into the games they’ve created, and talk with the team about the process and visions for the future of Mark of the Old Ones.


What was the problem you guys were looking to solve?

“We wanted to come up with a control scheme that allows the player more flexibility to do more things without resorting to the following: “push A (the action button) to do X”.”
— Jordan Brock, Founder of Hit The Sticks


How did you approach solving that problem?

“We are developing a new movement mechanic; one which uses both of your analogue sticks to independently control a “tentacle.” The tentacles behave somewhat like real arms, and allow us to remove the “action button.” For example, one of the classic obstacles in a video game is the locked door, for which you must find the “key”. You find a locked door, so you walk around looking for the key, snore, eventually you find it. Push A to pick the key up. Zzzzzz. Walk back to the locked door. Push A to use the key to open the locked door. The control scheme we’ve come up with allows you to literally/physically pick the key up off the ground with your tentacle arms, and then literally/physically insert it into the keyhole, instead of just pushing the action button.”
— Jordan Brock, Founder of Hit the Sticks


What are you guys visions for the future of?

“Picking up keys and putting them in keyholes is not any more fun to do with your arms than with the action button. What we need to do now, is find all of the awesome things (that no one has ever thought of before) that you can do with these arms.”
— Jordan Brock, Founder of Hit the Sticks