A Decade of Decision Points with Bob Moore


Chris Dima

Founder and CEO

Oct 28, 2014


“I knew before starting RJMetrics that there was a 13 Billion dollar market in just selling Business Intelligence to the fortune 5000, to the biggest companies in the world.”
— Robert J. Moore, CEO & Cofounder of RJMetrics


“Not only is our product complex, but the space that we are in is like this ‘data-soup’, where everyone seems to a have a data-related startup.”
— Robert J. Moore, CEO & Cofounder of RJMetrics


“In 2004, I built this thing called the ‘Mooraculator’, which was the beginning of a trend of me obnoxiously naming companies after myself!”
— Robert J. Moore, CEO & Cofounder of RJMetrics

“In 2007, I decided to start a company (SmartRaise) on the side while I was doing my job full-time. I had no time. I had no money. I outsourced everything to the cheapest possible offshore vendor that I could find. Great decision! Sarcasm! Things got really painful, really fast!”
— Robert J. Moore, CEO & Cofounder of RJMetrics


“Building a business has these really really long feedback cycles and you don’t really know if you’re successful or not in your day-to-day. But with programming, you get these beautiful short feedback loops! For me, it was always super satisfying.”
— Robert J. Moore, CEO & Cofounder of RJMetrics

“Deciding to shift the majority of my time away from engineering to focus on building and growing the business allowed us to do better, over the course of the last two years.”
–Robert J. Moore, CEO & Cofounder of RJMetrics


“We ended raising a 5 million dollar series A, in May of 2013 because we were able to provide evidence that we were capable of spending money, while keeping those customer economics in-check. It was our biggest year, ever!”
— Robert J. Moore, CEO & Cofounder of RJMetrics

“In 2014, we doubled our staff from 40 at the beginning of last year to 85 and moved from a 3,000 sq/ft space on Walnut St. to 13,000 sq/ft space on Chestnut St., which we have now completely filled. And, we raised a 16.5 million dollar series B just a month and a half ago from August Capital, which haven’t even started to deploy yet. We are just swinging the bat, really hard!”
— Robert J. Moore, CEO & Cofounder of RJMetrics


“We are a meritocracy of nerds! That means the best ideas win and everybody’s really smart. The marriage of those two things is what makes RJMetrics a really excellent place to work.”
— Robert J. Moore, CEO & Cofounder of RJMetrics

“Pick your startup stereotype, in terms of office environment. We got the ping-pong table, we got the nap room and there’s bean bag chairs everywhere, but none of that crap matters. Those are outputs, not inputs to culture. The inputs for us are that we don’t hire people who aren’t intellectually honest, or admit when they are wrong.”
— Robert J. Moore, CEO & Cofounder of RJMetrics

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