WSL Becomes a BizSpark Network Partner


Chris Dima

Founder and CEO

Oct 23, 2014

With the help of Yuriy Porytko and Dave Mann, we invited Amanda Lange to stop by the lab the and explain the benefits of becoming a network a Microsoft’s Bizspark program.


BizSpark is an international network of entrepreneurial startups and partners.

Simply sign up, get free software; including Developer tools, support, and training to build apps & scale your business, and get help marketing your app.


BizSpark members receive free one-year Windows Store and Windows Phone developer accounts where you can promote and distribute your apps around the world, offer trial versions to build excitement, track sales and customer feedback.


It will also help startups gain market traction by offering the opportunity for startups to promote your app on the BizSpark website and gain further visibility through the Featured BizSpark Startup series.


As we experienced, It’s super easy for startups to become network partners at BizSpark! Signing up startups to BizSpark in the Greater Philadelphia Area will encourage MS to dedicate more resources to startups in our region, including increased sponsorship opportunities!

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