The Emerging Digital Financial Industry and Moven


Chris Dima

Founder and CEO

Oct 21, 2014

“My children don’t really know money as physical money. And the next generation will most likely be cashless. Some people believe a cashless society is right around the corner. I can’t predict when that will happen, but as we have seen with Apple Pay and mobile payments, cash has been devalued.”
— Bob Savino, CTO of Moven


“In ten years from now, we’ll be leveraging even more innovative technologies and you’ll see buzz words like; Internet of Everything (IOE), Artificial Intellegence and Web 3.0.”
— Bob Savino, CTO of Moven


“The Banking and Technology industries are converging into what Im calling, ‘The Digital Financial Industry’.
— Bob Savino, CTO of Moven


“Traditional Banks are scared of these modern technology companies and what they might do with their disruptive business models”
— Bob Savino, CTO of Moven


“The mobile wallet’s biggest value is aggregating your valuables and literally turning your physical wallet into a digital wallet.”
— Bob Savino, CTO of Moven


“At Moven, Were taking traditional digital banking and customer service, merging it with financial wellness management and blending it with innovative technologies.”
— Bob Savino, CTO of Moven


“In the future, large banks will become digital, they’ll use Apple Pay, etcetera, but their motives won’t change. They’ll still be giving advice that favors their bottom line. At Moven, our oath is based on helping you, and not us.”
— Bob Savino, CTO of Moven

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