The True Journey of an Entrepreneur


Chris Dima

Founder and CEO

Oct 7, 2014

“There is no easy path. If you want something safe, then get a regular job.”
–Jason Sherman, Cofounder of Instamour


“Surround yourself around people who are smarter than you. Make an effort to know your market inside and out, by researching you competitors or lack there of.”
–Jason Sherman, Cofounder of Instamour


“Lean methodology is the most important part of being a tech startup. Learn from your analytics and metrics. Let your data drive your decision making.”
–Jason Sherman, Cofounder of Instamour


“Networking is King. It took years for me to finally realize that events were not about networking, they’re about creating relationships over time.”
–Jason Sherman, Cofounder of Instamour


“Build a product first, before your company. I always tell people, ‘show me your MVP and then show me your business plan’. Once you’ve built your product, your process should be iterate, test and repeat. You should be constantly iterating your idea and getting feedback.”
–Jason Sherman, Cofounder of Instamour


“Confucius said, ‘choose the right job and you’ll never work day in your life’ That’s why I work as an entrepreneur. I love what I do. It gives me complete freedom.”
–Jason Sherman, Cofounder of Instamour


“Instamour helps people avoid bad dates, forever! ‘Never have a bad date again!’, that’s our mantra.”
–Jason Sherman, Cofounder of Instamour


Three Shopify Apps That Enterprise, High-SKU Stores, Need From Day One.

Managing and optimizing tens of thousands of SKUs while while maintaining agility is hard “af” as they say. We manage high-SKU stores mostly on Shopify these days — and we do it with the help of these three app. These apps allow merchants to bulk optimize your Google shopping feeds, optimize shipping options, and the ability to edit just about any product or subset in bulk.

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