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Our Mission

On the Future of Innovation

Jim Thompson, Chief Engineer, Unisys: I truly believe this is what the future of R&D looks like … Forget outsourcing, nothing quite like collaborative organic development to challenge the status quo and get out of the box …think of it as Crowdsourcing 2.0!
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An Innovation Lab In West Chester, PA

We Offer Cozy Coworking…

Walnut St. Labs offers an intimate, small-scale, cozy office to inhabit while you’re crushing tasks or growing your business. We’re right in downtown West Chester, PA. We’re three floors. We’re conference rooms. We’re laid back. We drink a lot of coffee. We become friends. Sometimes we bring our kids here — dogs sometimes too.

Most importantly, you’ll get to know lots of people and build a great network.

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And Free, Inspiring Weekly Events…

WSL does events. Two of them. Every. Single. Week. Last year we did at least 104 events. We scratch our heads when we think about it actually. One weekly event is called the Startup Meetup — it’s goal is to highlight a local innovator in a TED style way.

The other weekly event is called Night Owls — it’s at night, of course, and offers locals a chance to rock out projects and chat and create new projects and… No agenda clearly. Then there’s Indie Film Night, too!

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And A Pioneering Technology Incubator

We run a different type of incubator. We look for amazing innovation and then bring together everything it needs to get it to market and profitable or acquired. We’re intense and focused. We’re partners with our innovators. We’ve got good instincts.

Check out our portfolio: MongoSluice, Areshay, Rentalist, Open Office Hours and Qio.

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The Latest News, Blogs, Updates and More

Week One #ProtoComp2015 is in the books

The Launch Party last week was a total blast, but the real ‘meat and potatoes’ of this project, the creative core, has only just begun. We were floored to see the extent of community interest at #ProtoComp2015 launch, and were futhermore encouraged to see that almost everyone who partied with us last week, not only signed up, but showed up for Week One to compete.

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Wilhem Arthur Leads WSL’s MiniMaker Space

We’ve partnered with NextFab to create a “MiniMaker Space” here at Walnut St. Labs. We sent Wilhem, our lead developer, to NextFab to learn about 3D Printing. He jumped at the chance to sign on as our 3D printing technician. He’s always been interested in 3D printing and now gets the chance to run two bukitos. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

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